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Hand-held Transformer Tester

Hand-held Transformer Tester
Hand-held Transformer Tester
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Product Description

Hand-held transformer tester


The Megger TTR100 is an automatic handheld, battery operated transformer turns ratio test set used to measure the turns ratio, excitation current, phase displacement, dc resistance and polarity of windings in single- and threephase distribution transformers (tested phase by phase), potential & current transformers, and tapped transformers. Deviations in the mentioned measurements will quickly indicate problems in transformer windings or in the magnetic core circuits.

The unique design of the TTR100 allows the user to operate the test set while holding it in one hand. No other transformer test set offers this capability. It effectively eliminates the user from having the kneel or bend down to operate the instrument and speeds up testing time. Realizing the extreme environments in which the TTR100 must operate, special attention has been paid to making it extra rugged, with a high impact, shock resistant case, yet incredibly lightweight at 3.3 lb. (1.5 kg). It weights less than any other commercially available instrument on the market. Its rugged and robust design makes this instrument well suited for use in a variety of harsh environments. The TTR100 is particularly suited for testing in substations and transformer-manufacturing environments where testing single and three-phase transformers can be performed. The TTR100 provides reliable results, helping the user in determining the condition of the transformer under test. It features a high contrast LCD screen which can be seen in bright or ambient light.



  • Faster, easier handheld operation which allows testing in half the time of other units. 
  • Powered by rechargeable battery, provides up to fifteen hours of field operation. 
  • Report header information such as company name, substation name, transformer manufacturer, transformer ratio, operator, temperature and %RH can be entered and saved via the alphanumeric keypad. 
  • Measures the widest turns ratio range in the industry (20,000:1) with the highest accuracy (±0.2%, 0.8 to 4000) at a low excitation voltage. 
  • Enables the operator to enter the ratio of the transformer and all of its taps. This allows the operator to know immediately when a tap is outside the acceptable limits so that problem taps can be easily identified. 
  • Records ratio and phase errors for bushing CTs to an accuracy of ±0.2% nameplate. This reduces the need for heavy test equipment and improves set-up time. 
  • Measures the phase deviation (in minutes, degrees or centiradians) of the transformer primary versus secondary. This quickly indicates problems in the transformer such as partial shorted turns and core faults. This measurement is also useful in verifying phase errors in PTs and CTs. 
  • Perfect for meter shops, the TTR100 can be used for inspection purposes by using it to determine the no-load accuracy of most CTs and PTs. It also can be used to determine the need to further test potentially faulty CTs and PTs. 
  • The TTR100 is ideal for use by transformer manufacturers. Its unique testing procedures and storage capability allows an operator to set up and test single and three-phase transformers (with multiple tap changers and bushing CTs) in minimal time. 

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