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Instrument Test Box

Instrument Test Box
Instrument Test Box
Product Code : 117
Brand Name : Megger
Product Description

Instrument Test Box


The MTB7671 is designed to provide confirmation that your testers continue to operate properly, and maintain their accuracy and consistency between calibrations.

The NICEIC, ELECSA and Corgi among others now request evidence that your testers comply with this.

The MTB7671 checks not only the basic functions of the testers, but also that the correct test current or voltage is being used during the test.

For example, a continuity test should not just give a result in ohms, but the short circuit test current should be greater than 200 mA and the open circuit voltage should be within the limits of 4-24 V.

The PASS/FAIL values are selected to ensure that where there is a published specification for a test parameter then the MTB7671 will test your tester to ensure that it meets these specifications using a series of simple Pass/Fail indications.

Additional test values are provided to ensure that the testers maintain consistent values across the range of their operating specifications.

The values chosen for MTB7671 test points are the same as those supplied on all new Megger test instrument calibration certificates which means that you can confirm that the tester continues to provide results that are consistent with its original calibration points. 


Insulation testers

The MTB7671 provides confirmation that tester outputs the correct voltage and current (>1 mA) for each of the test voltage points. (250 V, 500 V and 1 kV). Additional test values are provided at 9 MΩ and 90 MΩ.

Continuity testers

The MTB7671 provides confirmation that the tester outputs the correct open circuit voltage (4-24 V) and short circuit current (>200 mA). Test values at 0.5 Ω and 5 Ω are provided for resistance measurements.

Loop testers

The MTB7671 provides a direct loop measurement from the outlet socket which can be measured either with a Trip or No Trip test as the MTB7671 is designed to not tripRCD protected circuits. In addition it has Loop plus 1 Ω and loop plus 180 Ω for testing against TT measurements. It also has a switch position for PFC tests which is linked to the loop plus 1 Ω measurement point for consistency of measurements.

RCD testers

The MTB7671 provides three RCD values (10 mA, 30 mA and 100 mA). For each value the five standard tests (1/2I, I @ 0°, I @ 180°, 5I @ 0° and 5I @180° can be performed.

The MTB7671 has two LED indicators for RCD testing, one to show the RCD has tripped and one to show that a 5I test is being performed. 

Voltage measurement

The MTB7671 also has 230 V output terminals to provide a quick check of any voltage measurement ranges on the instrument.

RCD Protection

The Test box can be used on either standard or RCD protected supplies without the risk of tripping the supply. The test box is itself protected by a 30 mA RCD to ensure any faulty testers cannot cause an unsafe situation.


The MTB7671 has been designed to meet the safety requirements of IEC61010-1.


In accordance with IEC 61326-1. 


Minimum order Qty- 1 No.

Area of Service- All over India 

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